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VP Marketing & Sales (Closed)

Date Posted: 5/18/2020

Job #1574077
Chandler, Arizona

Marketing and Sales Needs


The Co. is a specialty engineering service company providing mission-critical technical inspections, testing, certification, commissioning, validation, and maintenance & repair services to the semiconductor (chip manufacturers) and pharma end markets.

These services usually have a long sales cycle (anywhere from 3 to 24 months) and are related to the construction of new facilities, and expansion and/or revamp of existing facilities.

The Co. currently does not have a formal Organic Growth Strategy, nor a Marketing Plan and a Commercial Action Plan.

Currently, The Co. organic growth is based on an entrepreneurial seller-doer model, carried out by a few key experienced managers (project managers), and a few recently hired outsides sales (two) and internal sales (one).

While this approach has been somewhat successful so far, it doesn’t work well to develop end market/clients diversification and a sustained pipeline of new sales opportunities which ultimately would generate a sustained organic growth avoiding the ups and downs which often occurs in an exclusively focused seller-doer model.

To fix the deficiency indicated above; The Co. needs to recruit and hire a dedicated M&S VP (not a seller-doer) to implement the M&S processes. In addition to to that, the current seller-doer model should be supplemented by dedicated BD / Salespeople (not doers) and Marketing resources (internal or subcontracted) capable of generating sales leads.


Here are the elements The Co. needs:

  • Recruit a dedicated M&S VP to manage the overall M&S efforts. As this may take time, we’ll consider additional potential solutions to either hire a consulting company or an interim consultant to set the foundation and implement the M&S process. That would give us more time to find the permanent M&S VP job holder solution.

The ideal candidate for the position would likely have an engineering / technical background and proven marketing and sales experience in SMBs. As an example, someone with substantial experience in selling engineering services would fit the specification.

It is strongly desired that the candidate master data science to screen a large amount of data and generate sales leads based on defined end-clients’ needs and other attributes.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the critical elements of the job to be accomplished by the solution described above:


  • Research the critical mission end markets The Co. can currently serve and determine the Projects & Companies FST should focus as a priority (The priority commercial targets). The rationale for the choices shall be discussed with and approved by CEO and Board;
  • Define and Implement the marketing process to generate sales leads. Preferably this should use AI techniques to speed up the process;
  • Set a CAP-Commercial Action Plan and determine the most efficient go-to-market approach;
  • Revisit current Sales team and project managers (seller-doers) and determine additional resources needed (BD, Internal Sales, Sales, Seller-Doers, etc.) to support the CAP;
  • Develop or finetune process (frequency and KPIs) to evaluate new salespeople hired or newly assigned individuals;
  • Develop or finetune KPIs for existing salespeople people; and
  • Define and implement the Marketing action items to support the CAP.