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Plant Manager - Odessa, TX (Closed)

Date Posted: 7/16/2020

Job #1575557
Odessa, Texas

* This company is specifically seeking candidates with military experience. *  

  1. Have sufficient knowledge of Company policy, procedure, and work flow to direct the duties of the department and its personnel.
  2. Have the mental skills necessary to plan, direct, supervise, and coordinate the decisions involving workload with all of the manufacturing facility personnel. The decisions involve initiative, ingenuity and judgment.
  3. Take possession of all drawings from the Project Design department. He will prioritize each job order and its bill of materials according to its delivery date to be distributed to each department.
  4. Sort and distribute prints and bill of materials for each department.
  5. Track the time estimates required for the completion of each job order.
  6. Write and/or approve all requisitions for manufacturing facility tool and material supplies.
  7. Schedule odd jobs into the system.
  8. Be alert to the dangers and warning signals associated with the operation of the shop and communicate those dangers when necessary.
  9. Be responsible for the disposal of hazardous waste materials.
  10. Be knowledgeable of the requirements of A.S.M.E. code or other standards relating to fabrication.
  11. Ensure that the proper welds and materials are being utilized by properly qualified welders
  12. Have the physical ability to climb vessels, stairs, etc., a minimum of 10 times per day and to function in conditions resulting in no back support at least 50% of each working day.
  13. Have the mental and physical skill necessary to perform any function of any foremen in manufacturing. 
  14. Be able to review and approve time cards.
  15. Be able to requisition, interview, select and train employees for the manufacturing plant.
  16. Unlock/lock all accesses to the manufacturing plant.
  17. Be able to operate a personal computer and have knowledge of MS Offce programs and email system.