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Maintenance Mechanic - Dayville CT (Closed)

Date Posted: 7/15/2020

Job #1575495
Dayville, Connecticut

* This company is specifically seeking candidates with military experience. *


Essential Job Functions/Requirements:

Experience: Prior experience in plant maintenance or general commercial mechanic experience.

Education: No degree required - Technical training or trade school diploma desired.

  • Must possess/maintain a valid license to operate applicable equipment.
  • Physically capable of moving to all areas of the plant.
  • Able to climb ladders, crawl under and onto equipment and work in tight spaces.
  • Able to read, comprehend and practice necessary safety procedures, signs, etc.
  • Able to wear/use approved applicable safety equipment, as needed.
  • Able to visibly distinguish operating lights and panels on machinery and equipment.
  • Able to hear and identify audible alarm systems as well as normal and abnormal equipment operating sounds.
  • Able to generate written and verbal communications clearly and distinctly.

Job Summary:

Performs scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, repairs and installation tasks on the physical plant, equipment and machinery, according to standards.

Primary Job Duties:

  • Answer trouble calls to production equipment.
  • Perform preventative maintenance routines as assigned.
  • Complete assigned work request repairs.
  • Complete all related forms and paperwork prior to end of shift.
  • Maintain shop and shop equipment in a clean and safe condition.
  • Ensure all equipment is in a sanitary condition after performing work prior to release back to Production department.
  • Test run all equipment after any repairs or P.M.’s.
  • Maintain minimum tool list. Carry tools to all calls.
  • Practices and complies with all company policies and procedures (EEO, Sexual Harassment, Safety, GMP’s, etc.) including safety and work rules.
  • Safety:
      • Lock out all equipment prior to beginning work or removing guards.
      • Do not attempt to operate equipment without prior knowledge of the operation.
      • Make sure equipment is clear of personnel or foreign objects before starting.
      • Do not attempt to stick any type of object into equipment while running.
      • Always keep hands and arms free from moving part.
      • Report any potential safety hazard immediately.
      • Ensure all electric cabinets and enclosure are closed, locked and sealed.
      • Maintain clean uniforms, shirt tucked in, sleeves buttoned or rolled up.
  • Sanitation:
      • Ensure proper G.M.P.’s are followed at all times.
      • Shop will be swept prior to end of shift daily.
      • All unserviceable used parts will be disposed of prior to end of shift.
      • Parts storage areas will be maintained in an orderly manner.
  • Performance of other duties deemed by management to be an integral part of the job.