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Date Posted: 9/13/2021

Job #1588107
San Jose, California

* This company is specifically seeking candidates with U.S. military experience. *



What You Will Do:

Report to the Executive Region Director. Ensure that all personnel apply mission, values and teaching methods so that the school program is delivered properly; inspire all personnel with appreciation and expression of American liberty according to the original Founding Fathers’ documents; to operate the assigned school with fiscal prudence; and to manage all programs and activities in the assigned school.

  • Abide by applicable governmental requirements and School policies (including Employee Dress Policy and the Employee Handbook), with special attention to the Code of Conduct.
  • Understand and proficiently present curriculum, philosophy, methodology, and values to students, personnel, and clientele (also the main responsibility of all teachers—see Employee Handbook, School Operations Manual, and website).
  • Together with the Executive Region Director, recruit, evaluate, hire, orient, and develop top personnel. Ensure that all personnel understand and conform to performance requirements, as stated in employee handbooks and teacher manuals. Coach all personnel in performance and attitude.
  • Handle serious and/or potentially libelous issues. In such serious cases, work closely with the Executive Region Director, human resources and general counsel, and follow through until all are resolved satisfactorily.
  • Manage enrollment and place students according to policy. Work with Executive Region Director to determine program offerings, capacities, tuition rates, and wages, keeping the school financially profitable. Choose the programs that answer market demand but place students prudently in classes, keeping profitable teacher/pupil ratios. Oversee re-enrollment approvals, denials, and academic holds; and final approval of scholarships.
  • Follow corporate policies, procedures, and tasks as explained in the Operations Manual. Recommend improvements to the Executive Region Director and corporate managers.
  • Manage marketing and coach secretaries, ensuring that inquiries are recorded and pursued according to marketing procedures. Review and approve advertising materials before distribution by the Marketing Department. Oversee marketing events such as open houses and previews. Advise the corporate Marketing Department of the school’s specific marketing needs.
  • Learn and teach the correct use of the School System. Run all reports applicable to students, personnel and placement (awards, critical information, etc.).
  • Know and fulfill all requirements for acquiring and maintaining government licenses (fire, health, etc.).
  • Ensure that facilities are maintained and furnished according to standard by working closely with Facilities, Marketing, and Development Departments. Coach staff to use and organize resources prudently.


Education and Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in appropriate field of study
  • 5+ years management experience
  • Knowledge of marketing, financial control, and mathematics.


Title: Headmaster

Location: Salt Lake City UT

Client Job ID: 1588107


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