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E&I Technician (Closed)

Date Posted: 10/23/2020

Job #1577839
Niagara Falls, New York

* This company is specifically seeking candidates with military experience. *  Job Description

We are seeking an Electrical and Instrumentation Technician who is dedicated, driven and can work independently to support our plant in Niagara Falls, NY. Candidates should be interested in taking ownership for setting and achieving high standards, are innovative when it comes to trouble-shooting and who can collaborate with others to provide continuous improvement opportunities.

Job Responsibilities


  • Demonstrate the ability to create a PLC program from a set of written process specifications.
  • Creates the design and leads the installation of all projects involving PLC’s.
  • In charge of managing all PLC software documentation, software back up strategy, insures that all PLC’s and lap tops are in good working order and are up to date with software revision.


SAF (after training)

  • Demonstrate the ability to read and interpret all project sheets in the Saphire database.
  • Provides training to mechanics on how to interpret SAF project sheets.
  • In charge of maintaining the Ethernet communication network for the saphires to the PC in the PC in the wet end lab, maintains the link for Brock to remote access.


DCS (after training)

  • Fully proficient at troubleshooting DCS process related problems; interface with Production as necessary.
  • Can install and configure all DCS C200 controller hardware including I/O racks and individual I/O boards.
  • Proficient at maintaining the FTE network.
  • Demonstrate the ability to configure analog control loops, and digital control loops for motor control and digital I/O control using the control builder utility from a written process specification.
  • Demonstrates the ability to configure a simple sequential control loop (SCM) from a written specification.
  • Demonstrates the ability to configure a simple operator graphic using HTMI web builder.



  • Own/manages technical investigations, SOP’s and follow-ups to problems; initiates training for other E/I personnel as follow-up.
  • Assist E/I department manager/supervisor in various energy, power distribution, load study, high voltage PM, and other topics as identified.

  • Candidate must have a technical degree in electrical or instrumentation, and be computer literate.
  • Understand electrical distribution systems
  • Know how to verify an instrument calibration in the field or on the bench
  • Be familiar with AC and DC Electronic/Programmable Motor Drive System
  • Have a strong troubleshooting background on both AC and DC controls
  • Be able to work independently
  • Have expertise in troubleshooting magnetic and electronic motor controls, timers counters, sequencers, and Allen-Bradley Programmable Controllers
  • Have experience working with pneumatic and electronic instrumentation and controls
  • Know how to dismantle and rebuild valves
  • Be familiar with flow, temperature, pressure, and level control loops
  • Be able to install, calibrate and troubleshoot transmitters, controllers, and valves
  • Be able to interpret P&ID drawings
  • Have experience working with a Distributed Control System (a plus)